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We have over 35 years of experience in testing and investigating many types of molds and all types of mold infestations and conditions leading to this.
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Mold Testing | The Home Private Investigator | Tacoma, WA | (253) 471-0888
Free phone consult to discuss you and your families / employee's health and the conditions in your occupied space. We serve all of Western Washington!
Mold Testing
Commercial Mold Testing | The Home Private Investigator | Tacoma, WA | (253) 471-0888
Don’t let mold destroy your home or health – we are here to stop mold in its tracks. Our certified mold consultants are here to help you! Contact our team to schedule an appointment today!
Mold Investigation
Commercial Mold Testing | The Home Private Investigator | Tacoma, WA | (253) 471-0888
Our company promises nothing short of certified mold testing. Contact our The Home Private Investigator today, and ask about our commercial mold testing services.
Commercial Mold Testing


I am a Washington state essential business, I will work with you I provide safe practices to protect you and your family.

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I also test / investigate repossessed homes or businesses for mold Please let me know if the home has power so I can bring my own if necessary.

Volatile Organic Compounds Evaluation and Testing

Allergen Testing

*Any cancellations must be done within 24 hrs of the appointment time or a $50.00 fee is imposed

Additional testing: Illicit drug, Meth. Fen, Cocaine, Heroin, Ecstasy

Mold Testing

Mold Investigation


Commercial Mold Testing


Mold Testing

Mold Testing | The Home Private Investigator | Tacoma, WA | (253) 471-0888

The Home Private Investigator performs certified mold testing services for businesses and residents in the Tacoma, WA area. Mold testing will determine if there is...

Mold Investigation

Mold Investigation | The Home Private Investigator | Tacoma, WA | (253) 471-0888

Mold is one of nature’s greatest tools. It breaks down organic matter efficiently and is necessary to the survival of any forest or damp outdoor...

Commercial Mold Testing

Commercial Mold Testing | The Home Private Investigator | Tacoma, WA | (253) 471-0888

Sometimes the source of mold may become difficult to pinpoint, especially for business owners. Finding mold concentrations throughout your workplace...

We have 40 years of experience in construction and 15 years of experience in mold testing and investigation throughout Western Washington. We advise Businesses, Homeowners, Condo owners, and renters on the best methods of prevention, and if necessary, clean up. Get an initial inspection when you first move into a new building to get a jump start on mold prevention.

Welcome to The Home Private Investigator

At The Home Private Investigator, located in Tacoma, WA, we are mold testing experts serving all of Western Washington. If you see any signs of mold in your business or home, it needs to be cleaned up immediately. Periodic mold testing is also important because even if you can’t see or smell it, it could be there. If you choose to clean up the mold, there are other steps that must be taken. For example, it is important to find the moisture source of the mold.

Molds are a natural part of the environment, and outdoor molds play a big part in the breakdown of dead organic matter that contains mold. Mold that can collect indoors should be avoided. Mold can begin growing inside if small mold spores from the outdoors land on indoor wet surfaces. There are many types of mold, and none of them can grow without moisture or water.

Molds can cause many health problems, such as allergic reactions. Allergic reactions consist of a runny nose, red eyes, and skin rashes. Molds can also trigger asthma attacks. Some types of molds can cause very severe health problems.

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All of Western Washington.

If the home you are considering for testing does not have power let us know and we can supply it!

Unfortunately, it is impossible to get rid of all mold spores that come indoors. However, the spores will not grow if a home or business owner performs mold and moisture prevention. Controlling moisture in the home is very important. Cleaning up mold without finding the moisture source will encourage mold issues to resurface.

We are experienced in mold testing and clean up. HVAC systems should be shut off until we arrive if you find mold near the intake. If you choose to clean up the mold yourself, it is a good idea to consult a health professional if you have any concerns that your health has already been affected by the mold. If your health allows you to continue with cleanup, you may have to throw away porous materials that have been affected by the mold, such as carpet or ceiling tiles.

Even if steps are taken to prevent mold in your home or office, they are not always effective. Reach out to our experts at The Home Private Investigator and ask about our certified mold testing services if you see or smell any signs of mold.

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