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The Home Private Investigator performs certified mold testing in Tacoma, WA. Mold testing will determine if there is a mold problem in a home or business structure. Testing can be performed to identify specific mold species, measure the quality of the indoor air, and find any hidden mold.

At The Home Private Investigator, we are mold testing experts. We are experienced at analyzing and collecting mold samples that will lead to the most accurate mold identification and concentration results. There are three main types of mold tests—bulk testing, air testing, and surface testing. Each test has its weaknesses and strengths.

Air testing involves finding the concentration of mold spores in a home’s air. Samples are collected from the air, and they are examined under a microscope. Mold problems can be found with air tests even if the source of mold growth has not been found. Mold spores in the air can fluctuate, so it is best to perform several tests at different times.

We can test for molds by performing surface testing. Samples will be taken from different household surfaces to find out where and how much mold growth is present in the home. The samples are collected through various methods, such as tape lifting and swabbing. The samples are taken to a laboratory and analyzed. Mold spreads unevenly across household surfaces, so similar to air testing, the amount of mold spores changes. Surface testing cannot determine the amount of mold in the air.

Bulk testing involves taking different materials from the home to a laboratory. The materials are examined under a microscope. Bulks tests can determine whether there is a mold problem, and they can give an estimated amount of mold particles in a home.

You should have your home tested for molds for several reasons. If you notice a mold smell or symptoms of mold, mold testing should be performed. You should also have your home tested to identify the type of mold, to find out where the mold is growing, to test the amount of spores in the air, and to verify that any previous mold has been removed.

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